Diamond House


Through a series of convex angles and large frame transparencies, the gaze in the living space is ultimately drawn towards the surrounding green scenery on which the new volume seems to float.

B-One Tower


With this tower culminating 130 meters high, SAQ proposes a new scenario for the Bucharest skyline.

Beach House


What looks on the outside, isn’t what happens on the inside. The interior of this old pool house nearby the coastline stands in contrast with its Dutch neo-renaissance exterior. By stripping the apartment to its bare walls and molding the whole interior, the space was reconfigured into a unique disposition.

Masterplan Kortrijk


The city of Kortrijk wants to develop a future scenario for a central urban block located just outside the direct access of the shopping center K and the station area.

The district is characterized by its heterogeneous and introvert character with some out of scale entities as the former main building of Belgacom.

Lounge Carré


The interior of this classy restaurant and club lounge reflects a fresh yet intimate mood.

Caged Beauty for Moroso


The overall scenery overwhelms without undermining the exposed pieces. On the contrary, contemplating the cluster of Ron Arad’s Ripple Chairs rising like a swam of elegant butterflies.