Hudson Hotel


Continuing the concept of the Hudson Hotel to create 'an exciting urban adventure that provides a unique experience' SAQ proposes a stunning intervention of the Hudson Cafeteria. The former library of the American Women’s Association Clubhouse and Residence for Young Women in New York will be reinterpreted in a fresh yet delicate way.



'This is not just a shop; it’s a fantasy in which everyone has to find a story for themselves.’ Within the idiom of L’Eclaireur, shoppers are guests and are genuinely welcomed as such by every staff member. Adapted to his/her wishes and interest, the guest is proposed a personalized visit and in so-doing discovers the exposed goods.

Jaga Truck


On the base of an 8 ton truck chassis, SAQ designed a new body holding a projection room, a VIP lounge and a kitchen. The form was handmade in high quality polyester and high tech coatings.

Business complex Zwevegem


SAQ build, in collaboration with developer Re-Vive, a sustainable business complex with a new concept of modularity and individual configuration.


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Gallery 113

Exhibition design

House Oostduinkerke